Lesson One – Self-Publishing Overview

Self-Publishing & Promoting Your Book 


Today, almost anyone with the impetus can affordably publish their very own book and make a handsome profit without all the complications involved in the past.

In short, you can complete all of the creative and ‘mechanical’ tasks yourself, along with  hiring the appropriate help as and when needed.

Some of the things you will need to undertake include;
– editing,
– formatting,
– layout and cover design,
– registration,
– printing,
– marketing,
– distribution and even storage if you choose.

The Different Publishing Types

Fortunately, there are a number of overlapping options available to you regarding how you prepare and publish your book.

For example, whilst you may intend on just going for the digital ebook format. You can simultaneously prepare the artwork for a printed book and vice versa. You will now have the option of both printed and digital formats as well as whether your readers can download, print to order or hold stock.

Alternatively, and traditionally, printing a book involved either short-run printing (SRP) or long-run printing (LRP), where a short-run print may consist of, say, a minimum of a thousand books at a time. And a long-run print consisting of, say, a minimum of 5 thousand printed books.

Today you can print as little as 10 to 500 books at a relatively affordable cost. In fact, Print On Demand (POD) will print a book as it is ordered. And so therefore absolutely no need for inventory.

That’s it for now, so stay tuned for your next lesson. In the meanwhile check out the recommended resources below for reference and further knowledge of the book publishing industry.

Also, be sure to keep in touch with any questions or help with your graphic design and branding work.

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